November 2017

Tennis Professional Of The Month - November 2017

Pamela Muno

Unconditional Love For Tennis

Pamela Muno
Assistant Tennis Pro

Morningside Country Club
39033 Morningside Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

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When a tennis friend recommended Pamela Muno as Pro of the Month we had no idea that this woman is not your “regular” tennis professional with High School and D1 College Team upbringing. To the contrary, she is an adventurous recreational USTA League player who is able to transfer her unconditional love for tennis to her students and club members.

Left: Morningside club house and tennis courts before resurfacing
Right: Pamela Muno in front of the newly resurfaced center court
When her mom started a women’s tennis team in a local High school in Salem, Oregon, Pamela became interested in tennis at age 7. She loved it and kept on playing recreational for many years. Pamela's mom herself started playing tennis in or around 1949 in Dallas, Oregon as sophomore in high school and has been involved in our sport ever since.

"If it wasn't for my mom I would not be the person or tennis player I am today"

When she was 16 her parents bought a 60 ft. sailboat and set out circumnavigating the Pacific Ocean, ending up in the Marshall Islands in 1972.

The Marshall Islands is a sprawling chain of volcanic islands near the Equator in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines. It is a sovereign state in “free association” with the United States, meaning the United States provides defense, funding grants, and access to U.S. social services for citizens of these areas.

Pamela and her mom started a tennis shop and called it “Seven Degrees North.” The 7th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 7 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane and passes through just south of the Marshall Islands.

Pamela remembers how they got Peter Burwash interested in their activities and that he actually traveled to them and held a clinic there. She left in 1979 for Honolulu and studied at the University of Hawaii, all the while playing USTA League tennis.

In 1980 Pamela moved to the Pacific Northwest for a short while and then joined her mother in the Palm Springs area of the Southern California desert. But Pamela wasn’t quite done traveling yet. In 1990 she moved to Boise, Idaho and started her own Interior Design business. She continued to play USTA and was ranked #1 doubles and #2 singles at level 4.0 in the state. She also bought a cattle ranch and was able to sell it in 2006 for a hefty profit, enabling her to retire from her business and travel the world with her mom for a year.

Back in the California desert Pam found her tennis calling and was hired as a hitting coach at Morningside Country Club. Morningside is a relatively small but very exclusive country club. Rod Laver is member here. The member owned equity club features 363 homes, about 1,800 full members and approximately 270 social members (includes tennis and gym only).

Morningside Country Club
After getting her USPTA certification she was promoted to Assistant Pro under the capable guidance of Tennis Director Jack Craig. Pamela is now also a USTA Next Gen provider and became TAUT certified. 3 years ago she added Pickleball to the club’s activities and she’s loving that, too. Her mom is still running ladies doubles events at the club.

Dana and Pamela

When Pamela got married to her husband Dana Mailloux he wasn’t into tennis at all.

The Vietnam Veteran and ex-Long Beach firefighter was exposed to Agent Orange during the war in South East Asia and that exposure finally took its tall late in life. He lost use of his legs and became wheelchair bound.

Pamela started introducing Dana to Wheelchair Tennis and he loved it. He actually became quite good at it. Pamela is currently working on becoming Wheelchair Tennis certified.

Today, Pamela’s activities at Morningside Country Club include

  • Mostly private lessons (20% kids, 80% adults)
  • PTR Workshops for Senior Development
  • Planning and running of events
  • Organizing of the club’s annual BNP Paribas Open Suite
  • Volunteering twice a week teaching for two different wheelchair tennis organizations in the desert
  • Filling in at ladies’ doubles, men's doubles and mixed matches, as needed

The USPTA has recognized Pamela Muno in 2016 with an achievement award. Morningside Country Club members are appreciating her tennis savviness and her personality. We are recognizing Pamela’s spirit and her love for the sport of tennis with the Pro of the Month of November 2017 Award.

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Congratulations to Pamela Muno
for being our
Tennis Professional of the Month
for November, 2017.