Social Media in the Business of Tennis
Social Media in the Business of Tennis

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Social media in the business of tennis
by Rich Neher
You can often hear tennis professionals, club owners and managers say that social media just isn’t for them. Not knowing how to do it, where to start, how to support it on a regular basis, how to take the time to post are some of the worries expressed in the business world of tennis. Tennis professionals should be on the court teaching and in the club house managing, not wasting time on the computer and hanging out in some obscure social space. Right?
Well, no. At a time when the conversation has already advanced to the urgent need of including mobile into your marketing plans for 2015, you can’t really afford to still think social media is a gimmick that will disappear like Napster and dial-up modems.
The time to embrace social media in tennis is now!
It’s where your members are. It’s where your prospective members and their kids are. It’s where your future clinic and drill participants are. Go get them! John Rampton says in According to the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing report, marketers around the globe say that your marketing priorities for 2015 should be focused on 3 areas:
• Mobile applications
Google is moving toward using mobile-friendliness as a significant ranking factor. Responsive designs for web sites, emails, landing pages should be on your mind right now.
• Social media
85% of marketers reported social media as producing a return on their investment. Are you participating in those profits?
• Email campaigns
Note: Many of your present or future members read emails on their mobile devices. Hello! Wake up!
The importance of social media in marketing efforts for your tennis business are indisputable.
Social media channels to focus on
Facebook is by far still the most important channel. Here are the biggest social media players and their user numbers, according to DMR:
• Facebook (1.4 billion)
• You Tube (1 billion)
• LinkedIn (347 million)
• Google+ (300 million)
• Instagram (300 million)
• Twitter 288 million)
Social media campaign strategies
Reaching your future tennis club members and program participants is one part of the equation. Keeping them involved in your conversations and interested in your brand is not a difficult task as long as you follow a few guidelines, according to
• Put a positive spin on things
People like optimism. Who doesn't? Negativity destroys trust and credibility.
• Inspire action
Insert call to action buttons to gain viewer reactions.
• Make your posts stand out
Include links, pictures, videos to separate your posts from millions of boring comments.
• Facilitate meaningful connections
If you know people within your reach who would benefit from being in your network – and vice versa – reach out to them.
• Express your own individuality
Show your readers that you are different. You can even be a little weird. People appreciate something a little unusual. And feel free to expand on your point with longer posts.
Understanding your audience and making the effort to reach out to them with social media tools will be key to your marketing success in 2015.

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