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"Rich Neher has worked efficiently in nearly every tennis arena. His intuitive nature helps him generate unique opportunities for all tennis organizations.
I have been impressed with Rich's ability to help tennis clubs grow memberships. And his knowledge of marketing procedures bids well for all tennis organizations attempting to make a giant leap in their business."
Vic Braden
Tennis Coach and SCTA Board Member

"I have known Rich Neher for a decade. If you want a good engineer…don't call Rich. If need a great supply chain analyst…..don't call Rich. But you need anything done in tennis….call, write, tweet or whatever form of communication you use to get him involved. In tennis he is the goto of goto guys. When you need one of those 1 + 1 = 10 types of scenarios….call Rich.
His knowledge of the game, the business and the So Cal marketplace is second to none. His rolodex from pro players, to business icons, club players is second to none. Rich is a spider web of relationships and tennis connectivity. And he is a talented purveyor of that connectivity.
In an industry challenged to find rock stars….Rich is our Jim Morrison.
Steve Bellamy
Founder, The Tennis Channel, The Ski Channel, The Surf Channel

"Rich is a great problem solver. He will look you in the eye and is an honest, caring and wonderful person. I freely and adamantly am a supporter of Rich. Finally, here's a gentleman who, if he only has fifty percent of the skill set you are seeking will learn the other fifty percent and make anyone's company a better place that he found it."
David Schobel
Director, USTA Competitive Play

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